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15 nano for sale in Eugene dry goods and coral.


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It is time for it to go. Not enough time for attention that it needs.


$50- Nano AGA tank. Black back including CPR Refugium with mud and chaeto.

$30- 15 lbs of live rock or so.

$100 SLS TEKLIGHT 4 bulb X 24W

$40- 6 new bulbs


No fish.

$40- Two millepora colonies 1 green 1 blue tipped

$20-Pink Birdnest small colony with assorted zoos on the rock.

$50- 1 red blasto wellsi colony small green mouths- 20 heads+

$20-1 green blasto wellsi- 10 heads

$40-1 large blasto merletti- 40 plus heads

$5- one turbinaria scroll- small colony.

$10-1 green purple rim monti frag 2+ inches

$25- Green mouthed chalice 2+ inches

$25- Purple green fungia 3+ inches

$20- Montipora spongoidies green- 2+ inches

$15-Large green palythoa colony- 20 mouths- silver centers

$15- Green toadstool sarcophyton softie- 2 inches

$10- the hermits and snails

Much more random dry goods.


Take it all for 400 obo today.


541-225-7395 text or call Joel

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Here are some pics:

Sorry It took me a while. I needed to find a way to upload pics and I forgor about my photobucket account. Please give me a call if interested. If you are serious I would deliver to the Grove or to Albany. Maybe even Salem if I get a great price. 541-225-7395






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