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Summer BBQ Sale, Raffle, & Contest


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Our sale will feature the following specials at our retail location. We will be editing this list as the event draws near and we have a better idea of order fill rates.




All Livestock 30% Off (Fish/Corals/Inverts) Not Live Rock


Fauna Marine Consumables 20% Off


Ecoxotic LED's 10% Off


Elos Test Kits & Consumables 25% Off


Eshopps Frag Racks 30% Off


Instant Ocean Salt Buckets Price $34.99


TLF 550 Phosban Reactor $69.99


TLF 150 Phosban Reactor $39.99


API Reef & Saltwater Master Test Kits 30% Off


Hagen Digital Thermometer $9.99


Radium 20K Halides 250/400w $69.99


Phoenix DE Halides 20% Off


Reed Mariculture Reef Nutrition Foods 20% Off


All CoralVue Halide Bulbs 30% Off


CaribSea Substrates 30% Off


Hydor Koralia Evo/Pico 30% Off


Giesemann T-5/ATI T-5 Bulbs 25% Off


UVL (URI) VHO Bulbs 25% Off


Complete Seachem Line Including AquaVitro 30% Off (Salt Excluded)


Hikari Frozen Foods 25% Off


Brightwell Aquatics 30% Off (Salt Excluded)


Maxi-Jet Powerheads 25% Off


Dainichi Pellet Foods 20% Off


-Door Busters-


Vertex Refractometer $39.99


Vertex 400w Halide Ballast $75 (Only 2 in stock/ No rainchecks)


Vertex IN-180 Skimmer $219.99 (Only 1 in stock/ No rainchecks)


100GPD Barrier Reef Deluxe RO/DI $169.99


Small Cleaner Shrimp $9.99


Small Green Chromis $.99


Coral Banded Shrimp $5.99


Emerald Crabs $3.49


Astraea Snails $0.69


Algae Blenny $7.99


S/M Foxface Rabbit $14.99


Powder Brown Tang $19.99


Blue Leg Hermit Med $.49


Nassarius Snail Sm $.59


Live Feeds Reef Pods $14.99


Original/Herbivore Rod's Foods Buy 3 Packs For $50


Peppermint Shrimp $3.49


Mexican Turbo Snail $1.00


Trochus Snail $1.00


Zebra Nerite Snails $.99


Flame Scallop $3.99


Aqua Pro 18x18 Cube Tank $99.99


During our Anniversary Sale we will sell rain checks for any drygood or doorbuster items we run out of unless otherwise noted.


-Sale Hours-


Saturday August 27th From 9am - 7pm


We are not going to open the doors until 9am on Saturday. Feel free to form a line earlier and remember to take a numbered ticket on the way in. If you are after any dry goods door busters do not wait for assistence before securing them.


The BBQ will be fired up from 11-3 with burgers and hot dogs. Soda and water will also be provided.


Also, in the way of creating some fun we are going to have a Nintendo Wii, Xbox, or PS3 on a big projection screen out front. For those of you who are gamers, or have kids who are, there will be a contest going on all day. Its free to play, keeps the kids entertained, and there are prizes for the top three scores. We will be choosing the game/system closer to the day of the sale.


1st Place- $100 BRA Gift Certificate


2nd Place- $50 BRA Gift Certificate


3rd Place- $25 BRA Gift Certificate


(All Gift Certificates to be used at a later date)


Start warming up your hand-eye coordination or put your kids to work for you.


Required fine print....(some would call it common sense)


Barrier Reef is not responsible for the supervision and/or safety of your children. If you plan on letting them participate in the video game challenge, in the parking lot, please plan accordingly.


We have put together a few raffle items for this mini event. Its nothing like our Anniversary Sale later this year but its still fun! Your first ticket is free with any purchase. You can also buy more for $2 each, 6 for $10 or 15 for $20.


-Raffle Prizes-


Acropora Millepora 4 x Frag Pack- 1 Prize Donated by Barrier Reef


Blue California Acropora Tortuosa Frag- 1 Prize Donated by Barrier Reef


Acan Lord 3 x Frag Pack- 1 Prize Donated by Barrier Reef


Starter Coral 6 x Frag Pack- 1 Prize Donated by Barrier Reef


Strawberry Shortcake Frag- 1 Prize Donated by Barrier Reef


Chalice 2 x Frag Pack- 2 Prizes Donated by Barrier Reef


More to come!

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