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WTS: my 65g display


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Better if I sell some stuff or before or later I will have a second system running and a coral farming facility in the garage. This kind of things take you directly in front of a divorce lawyer (wife)


For sale is my glorious 65g display.

Here is a link to the tank build thread and how it looked before I relocated: http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?13252-Grassi-s-65g


The tank is a 65g acrylic 56x15x18h, great dimensions. It looks bigger than it is and fishes can swim freely. It is made by Truvu Aquariums. It has some scratches that can be buffed out easily.

It is plumbed with a 1500gph glass"holes overflow box and closed loop.

2 returns (both with plumbing and check valves included).

The closed loop has 2 returns with a scwd.

It has a pump that you can use for the closed loop (suggested) or return.

With the right pump this tank can grow some great colonies. The design turned out being successfully.

It comes with a sump with built in refugium with a skimmer compartment that can hold a Bubble Magus NAC6. And all the pvc and plumbing that always cost you a lot of money when building a tank.

It also has stand and canopy (not stained because I never used and I suggest you to use it as an open top if you want some good results).


I'm also considering to sell my whole system (the one I was running before the new 180), so the 65 + the ricordeum + the 2 40b and stands. It is all in my backyard, so if you want to check it out you are free to swing by and get the whole thing. I was thinking about $500 for the whole setup.

Otherwise I will put the other parts for sale soon.


Asking $250




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