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Two 55 Gallon tanks, Two Stands


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Tank One.) 50 Gallon glass tank in great condition, light color wood trim. 13”x19”x48” $50




Tank Two.) 55 Tall Glass Tank holds water and is in decent shape. 48”x21”x13” Small scratches on the glass but may not be noticeable when filled. Corners and base have extra silicone. Perfect for a sump or backup tank. Also light color wood trims. $50 obo IMAG0468.jpg


Stand One.) The stand is dark brown wood stain, sturdy, and made from solid wood. (none of the partial board weak sauce ) 22”x16”x48” Also asking $50



Stand Two.) Also rock solid, painted black, with a black canopy. The canopy has a T-8 or T-12 fixture (both fit) The center window is a dark cobalt blue tinted glass and with the lights on, it glows nicely. 28”x13”x48” I'm hoping for $100 for the stand and canopy. SOLD



Drop by and take a look. I want to post these here first before craigslist.

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