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FS RBTA (Rose Anemone)


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My RBTA split into three recently and I'm selling the extras. I currently have one ready to go (fully developed mouth and easily accessible) with a second one available soon (Not sure if it has a fully developed mouth yet and it's anchored under a rock that will take more to get out). The one that's ready now is opening up to about 6-7" so it's a decent size for most tanks. I'll see about getting a picture of the actual one that's ready later today however for the moment this picture shows it prior to splitting. (It's just a smaller version of this) I think $40 is a fair price so that is what I'm asking. If interested send me a PM with your phone number or call

three six zero - eight two three - three two seven four.


Note: In an effort to be more responsible (Too many anemones are killed when they are put in systems that are not ready for them) I will be asking about your setup to determine whether it is suitable for it prior to selling it.


Here is the pic prior to it splitting:


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