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4000 GPH powerhead


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I have a Resun powerhead I'm going to place up for sale. Only ran for a few hours. Its for the Pump only. It will need a 24v 3.5a power supply and a way to mount it. I was thinking about hooking it up to a DC speed controller so I can adjust the speed with a knob, but I dont need another power head anymore.


This is the pump I was using for a DIY wavebox, but this pump wouldn't spin about once every 5-6 cycles. I waited too long to return it, so I had to order a new one. Pump works great as long as you don't turn it off and on every second or two.


You might be able to use it in a wavebox without any problems if you hook it up to a speed controller with a 0-5v or a 0-10v speed control. Then you can turn the voltage on and off, but the motor would never actually turn off and wouldnt have to restart.


here is what it looks like.






If it doesn't sell, I'm going to use it as my mixing pump .



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