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WTB/TWT 50G Stand and hood


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Do you have an old stand in the garage? Did you upgrade your tank and still have that old 55gallon stand/hood just sitting around? Perfect! It just so happens that I (and my wife) are looking for such a thing! And boy how it can work in your interest. I'll pick it up. I'll give you cash. Or we can trade for one of the many tanks thats cluttering up my house. Haven't you always wanted to build your own sump from a reinforced 55G tall glass tank? Well now you can. Tank delivered to your door!


But really, we are just about to buy a new stand, and I really can't afford to spend a ton retail, so if you have something that might work give me a call and lets see of we can swap some pictures and work something out.


Color: negotiable

Age: negotiable

Condition: negotiable (but structurally sound) i'll sand and refinish if needed

Size: around 48"x14"x28"

Hood: we need one, must match the stand




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