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Do I have enough light?


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When I moved to the new tank, I have kept the same lighting.

My goal is fish and soft corals.


This is what I am running for lighting that I got on ebay. Odyssea brand

30" T5 HO Aquarium Light 96W.


1x 30" T5 Quad fixture

2x 24W T5 HO lamps 10000K

2x 24W T5 HO lamps Actinic Blue

2x LED (I have some more LEDs on order, this is not very bright at night.)


The tank is 50gallon with a depth of 19" and the lights sit right on top of the acrylic tank about 2" above the water surface.


I have a 175w Metal Halide that I can mount on the lid of the canopy if needed but it is so hot...

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