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Frags for sale


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I am selling some frags:


Armor of God Zoa/paly....10 polyps $25


Thermal Blasto Wellsi $25 per polyp. Whole colony $200


Tubs blues....$2.00 per polyp whole colony $25


mohawks....$3.00 per polyp whole colony $40


Fire and Ice..small colony...$20


Armageddons....10 polyps...$25


Fruity pebbles....small colony $25


Joker Paly...about 10 polyps....$30


Blue chalice with red eyes, 3" colony, never been fragged...$50


Blue chalice with yellow eyes...$30 about a 2" frag


Last but not least, big frag, about 10 eyes, Tyree Baby's Breath Favia with Lineage $75


I will try to post pics tomorrow. A package deal could be worked out for the right price...Some trades are welcome looking for some 48"x24" frag tanks and a nice skimmer and lighting.

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