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DIY Spray Bar Advice


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So I am looking at my tank 36" in length and I am trying to get some balance in flow. Seems good but of course now I have a powerhead where I don't want it.


Thinking about creating a spray bar with some stuff I have to go across the back of the tank about mid way with holes horizontal and vertical.


Trying to do this with minimal spending and wondering if the RIO 3100 HP pump I have will be too much for this set up. If not what size pump would you recommend.


Was going to try to make it about 30" as this will take into account the back corner overflow box.


If I can use it how big and how close together should I make the holes in the bar.


Physics and flow dynamics are so not my strong suit. I am a concept rather than concrete person LOL.

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I made mine out of 3/4 inch pvc with a cap at one end. It is 24inches long and has twelve 3/8'' holes in it. I get great agitation of the surface with it. Mine is located one inch below surface with the holes facing down at a 30degree(or so) angle. I am running my mag 12 return pump through it and also have 2 750gph power heads. I am going to go with 1050gph power heads for a little more flow. I have a 90 gallon with a 29 gallon sump. I made the spray bar for roughly 6 bucks. I will try and post pics later when I get home from work. Hope that helps.

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