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So, we might be a little crazy! *pics*


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So we got our 6TH(!) tank today.... Nate's 110g! ( I do beleive we will have a tank or 2 (or 5) for sale soon!


This thing is a monster! That bucket of salt is for size comparison. I'm 5'7" and it's a good 6 inches taller than me, so 6'+ i'd say!!




To show width;



Oh the lighting possibilities! We will keep our DE 250 20k's at the ends, and either put a 400 pendant in the middle, or our quad t5ho fixture in the middle.



a 55g sump? I think so!





We will re-sand it and paint it black, and add chrome hardware to make it more a piece of furniture (although, the wood color DOES match our kitchen cabinets...hmm)


It is SO hard not to start setting it up tonight!! BUT, we want to go slow, and do it right (nono)


In the meantine, we will keep an eye out for a skimmer that is 26" tall or less, that will be good for the tank (for around 180g of water), and someone to drill the tank (scary)




WOOT! I will start a Tank Thread here soon!! (rock2)




(( If anyone is looking for a 75 corner tank and stand, I will have one for sale soon!!))

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Looks great' date=' gonna be fun setting that one up!! Looks pretty deep, can you touch the bottom?[/quote']


I can't touch the bottom when I am just standing next to it, but when I get on the step ladder and reach in, I can touch the bottom. Although, my whole arm (up to my armpit) will be in the tank!

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