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Lots of stuff for sale!!


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Alright so here's the deal. I want to get some new lights for my tank that I just saw at OIAB, and the only way I can do so is if I sell off some stuff from my tank. Deal I kept with my wife for the past 6 months and I don't feel like telling her I need to drop a lot of cash on LED's at the moment..(laugh)


So what you can do for me is buy lots of stuff so I can buy my new lighting!!!

If you are to buy my light setup they will not be avaliable till I get my new system but I want to have them sold before I commit to the new lighting.


Dual 250w PFO ballast with reflectors 2 almost new 250w artemis bulbs along with 2 48" VHO bulbs and ballast (50/50 bulb and a pure actinic) Asking $400 obo (make me an offer)


Green Tort 3" $45 obo



Purple Lord Acan Colony at least 40 heads $75obo (pending sale)



TECO Chalice from a few months back group buy $40 all I paid for it (pending Kmiller)



Pink and Green Chalice $60 obo




Mean Green Colony $10 (pending kschaefers)



Green Bay Packer Zoas (at least 10 polyps) $10 (pending kschaefers)



Also have a few that could be frag to order. Really want to get these lights so let me know what your interested in.

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