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nead soms help


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Ok I would like to say thank you all I have bin brosing ould therds 4 some time now .have found a lot of good info . But at this tine I nead t ask iyo when bilding a hood fore a tank 60 x18x26 how tall would you make it. This is what I will be running 4 lights 400 x2 mh pof balist. Two 60"vho 140w with a work horse 8 balist and some led moon light I have not got yet .plan on next weaknd starting the bild . I was going to go 18" that would give me a tottel of 15.5 " 16" mabey ????? Idk nead som opions pleas and thank you \m/ (~_~)\m/

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I wouldnt put VHO's more than 12" above the "water" line on a light rack with MH, My Mh are 11" and T5's are about 8" on a 24" deep tank. If you are building a hood and want to make it taller that's OK but most are about 12" off the tank top which would be about 13+" off the water

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