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Sick hawaiian blue puffer/boxfish....advice?


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We've had this fish for about six weeks in our 72B (fish only) and the last few days his color has been really clouded....it's almost like when he blends himself in with the rock at night but now it's all day too. The other concerning thing is he has two string-like pieces of mucus coming off of his body. He's eating about the same amount that he always has, so I don't think lack of food is the issue. He's not aggressive, so I'm wondering if he's just too mellow to be in our tank with some of these other fish...?


We added a uv-sterilizer after noticing more algae than we liked and that's the only change other than the newer fish....anybody have experience with these fish or would like to offer advice? It'd be greatly appreciated!


In the tank is a blackbar trigger, the hawaiian puffer, snowflake eel, blue-faced wrasse, pacific blue tang, and yellow tang (added in that order at two week intervals...two at a time).


...I'll add a picture as soon as I figure out how...

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Boxfish are extremly passive fish due to the fact that they are poisonous to most fish. When they are stressed and/or threatend they secreat a noxtious mucus. They should only be housed in a tank with passive/peacefull fish. He is definatley to chill to be in there with the trigger and tangs.

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All great advice -- thank you. We did get up to this full load rather quickly (about two months) but the tank gets weekly 10% water changes and a ton of attention from my husband. I had recently read about how sensitive they are, so gradth I think you're spot on.


Paul @ aqua serene suggested some anti-parasitic meds, so just did that. Currently setting up our 10gal quarantine tank (again) and gonna try to de-stress him a little in there.

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