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12.5 Gallon Reef Build (in progress)


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I am currently in the process of building a 12.5 gallon reef setup. I have purchased the 10 gallon glass tank and the matching 2.5 gallon glass sump. Both tanks have black trim, black silicone and beveled edges on the glass. I also have an LED light strip for above the sump. I have an Eco 100 gph return pump. I will be drilling the tank and installing a 1/2" overflow in a custom built smoked overflow box and a 1/2" return with loc-line nozzle. I will be building a custom black stained stand and canopy. The stand will cover the back of the tank as well as holding up the tank. This will have all the plumbing hidden inside. I will be installing a custom LED High output lighting system on this. It will support SPS. I will also be canibalizing a large filter sock and making two small filter socks for this system. There will be a sock holder in place in the 2.5 gallon sump. The back glass of the tank will be painted black. The canopy will have a hinge to allow it to flip up for aquascaping, cleaning, etc. All wiring will be hidden. There will also be a small needle wheel skimmer installed in the sump.


First phot is the Ten gallon tank (back), the 2.5 gallon sump, the 100 gph eco return pump and the LED light strip for over the sump.


Stay tuned for the build. This tank WILL BE FOR SALE when it is finished. This will be the ultimate nano reef setup. Stay tuned for a killer build thread.





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