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WTT ... PD & AOG


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I have a few frag's of PD (6,7,& 8 polyps), and 5 polyps of AOG that I'd like to trade for somthing nice. Camera had a dead battery so I'll post some pics a bit later. Just figured I'd guage interest.


there are also some other zoos that I don't know the name of. I'll post em up w/ the pictures.

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sorry lights went out before I could get pictures here's one of the frag rack ... can't seem to figure out how to turn of the flash on the underwater camera so the colors a a bit washed out ... I'll figure it out at some point ... lol.


anyhow the orange guys off to the side need to go too, they are much brighter than they look in this pic. of course so are all of the frags under a 20k bulb as long as the flash doesn't eff it up ... lol.



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the "AOG" may be Armageddons ... I can't tell the difference and I don't remember what I was told. I thought AOG first so I'll stick with it ... just don't hate if I'm wrong ... lol.


EDIT: NM ... I did some looking at a different site ... they are definately not Armageddons. So much disinformation on the net ... lol.

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