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DIY Moonlights, any ideas?


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Rick' date=' I've got a moonlight strip you can have if you want it, it was ziptied to my TEK light and i'd really rather not have it on there so it's off an just laying in a corner currently.[/quote']


I'll take it. Will you be around again tomorrow? I have to run back out to Battleground again sometime during the day to pick my daughter back up.

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Cut a hole in your roof.


Full of spit and vinegar tonight are we?(laugh)


I would do that but then I would need to cut open the top of this beautiful stand and I don't think my wife would be too happy.(scary) (Should have heard her when I knocked a hole in the back of one side cabinet to get the top off tank in) (wife)

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They sell LED strip lights that are waterproof and only need an old laptop power supply to run them. They usually use them as an aftermarket add on in car headlights or for lighting walkways. They have a 3m adhesive back on them, but I used some additional glue to make sure mine stuck well. I'm using them on my coldwater tank since I dont need any specific spectrum. I got 6 of them shipped to me with power connectors for $24, Ebay FTW. They come in a ton of colors, including blue :)

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