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Clown Fish

LC Scott

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Should I be worried? After work I took some time too stare at my tank after lights out and start looking for my clown fish, at first I can't find him. So I looked behind the rocks, power head and no luck only to see him poke his head out of the Hawaiian Fan. DOH! What gets me is the fan seems to be tolerating this.

Should I be concerned?


The Clown does seem confused/upset when the fan retracts.

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Good luck getting to host anything else now. I've seen them leave an anemone to go back to a coral when I was trying to coax them into an anemone instead. I.E. I removed the coral and they started hosting the nem and then when I put the coral back they returned to it instead.

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at first my clowns would host the fuzzy mushrooms. then one finally went to the rbta. the male is still in the mushroom and the hippo tang thinks he should host the mushroom too. what is real funny is the hippo will try to get in the rbta for a quick second or two. chances are your clown may still visit the fann even if he goes to a nem.


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