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Want To Borrow Tubs and/or Barrels


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I have a couple if you need. There not all too thick' date=' as you can't carry water with them. One's 38g and the other is 18g.[/quote']


That just might do it. I just need to put water in them while I swap the tanks around.


Steve, I may call you about the rubbermaid tubs at the shop if the smaller ones are not going to be enough. I need to look a bit closer tomorrow morning and see what I've gotten myself into first. (My living room is standing room only right now)

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Hey rick how long do you need them i got 6 of the 5 gal jugs you can use but they are mine for my shop & i cant be without them long if you need them you can use them for a day are 2 i just need one in my shop to get by on tell i get them back thanks mark


I should only need them a day or two. I may run out there tomorrow then. It looks like the swap will be pretty straightforward. Just a bit of plumbing I need to work out first and I need to work out something for a sump that will fit so I don't need to rip the stand apart.

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