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Will the bulbs burn out fast in this?


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I know ive posted this before and sorry for so many posts, just dont want to make a $400 mistake. Anyways, my question is in this fixture: http://cgi.ebay.com/48-Metal-Halide-T5-Light-Aquarium-Reef-Marine-716W-New-/290484317805?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43a236ee6d

Will it be a problem with the T5's burning out quicker since they are in pairs, ive heard someone say that. Also, What is everyone's overall opinion on the fixture? I could pretty much grow anything i want with this fixture in my 55g tank?

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I'll let you know in about 6 months. That looks like the Odyssea fixture there so the MH ballasts will be a little on the weak side but they should still be adequate for a 55g tank. If you get it just plan on replacing the ballasts in a year or two. I have the 2' version but mine has CF bulbs in it right now and I'm running a different MH HQI ballast that works better. In a couple of days I'll be converting it to T5's though. (Just waiting for the endcaps to arrive) The only reason pairing the bulbs up will be an issue is if they are not being cooled well enough. I suspect a lot of people having problems are also having fan issues since the fans get corroded pretty fast and need to be taken out and cleaned (or replaced) from time to time. As long as the fans are working properly these fixtures actually stay fairly cool. Keep em cool and the bulbs will last longer.

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