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LEd> MH?


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There haven't really been any long term tests with LED's, but from initial experiences yes it seems so. But again, long term means everything. There have been people who go from LED back to MH and others that swear by it. The reason they are cheaper is because the bulbs last like 5 years on LED's vs 9 months to a year for MH. Plus no heat. I get almost no evap on my 14 with the LED's vs over a gallon a day on the 60 with 250w HQI.

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Have you priced a LED fixture? MH are cheeper to buy but LED's cost less to operate, and you dont have the heat issues with LED's like MH, LED's are suposed to last 6 to 10 years without bulb change whare as MH need replacing every year on average, so the LED's will eventually pay for themselves but it will take a long time!!

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