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FS ~ Acrylic Bio Chamber ~ 3D Background ~ Vancouver


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Acrylic bio-chamber complete with drip tray and cover. I'm asking $30

(there is still a $75 sticker still on it) 24"x13"12" bottom open for customizing sumps.


3D aquarium background (rock/root design) dims 24"x14.5". I'm asking $40.

This is one of a kind and makes a tank next level. 10 minutes to install, even if tank is established. 100% fish safe and PH inert. Professional level background, I only have one.


Sorry I can't load pics.. The site won't let me they are too big. I will happily email them to anyone. Email: justin_seals@msn.com (no PM's please)

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Figured it out! Here are the pics (rock2)


The bio-chamber.






The 3D background. It's perfect for 25g, 20g, 15g, 10g tank sizes, easily cut to fit. I can show you how to at my place in my tanks. Make your tank look natural AND hides equipment. ;)






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I am also interested in trading for Eheim canister filers of any size. Working or not. Missing hoses/spray bars/intakes is not an issue but I do need media. Please just LMK what is wrong with them so I can fix. Models I want:


Eheim 2211 (small)

Eheim 2217 (medium classic)

Eheim 2262 (extra large and will pay cash on top of trade)

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