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Niger Trigger


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SO my trigger is gonna be to big for the 40b and sadly I have to try and find him a new home.




The picture was last year, but he is probably about 4-5 inches, starting to get nice little streamers on his tail. I have had him for about 2 years. He is not photogenic enough for my crap camera and he's pissed that I have him in a 20 long right now.


$40 bucks or entertain trades.

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I have a home for him.. going south anytime soon?


Ahh, not likely sorry. But if your up this way let me know.


I would like to get rid of him soon since a 20 long is not a great place for him.


Thought about throwing him in my 180, but dont know if he would get along with my bluethroat triggers and tangs.

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Mine got along with my purple tang pretty well. When I fed they would compete for the food. The trigger would try to swipe the nori and eat it and the tang would do the same with krill.


I may call you to see about working out some kind of deal on this. My wife would be thrilled to get another one. (It was her favorite fish)

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Sure thing Rick' date=' I might have some t-5 stuff for you as well. Need a MH pendant type light for my 40.[/quote']


I just sold a pendant friday. Might be overkill but I have enough stuff to put together a 400w light if you wanted to make a DIY pendant.

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Happy to take it. I'll go through the pictures I just took and find a couple of good ones to post. It appears to be taking to my tank really fast. The purple tang isn't too happy but it will get over it. The tang chased it under the rocks for a couple of minutes but then it started exploring and has been swimming around out in the open for the last 1/2 hour or so.

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