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Lighting Question ??


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What is the difference between all these light ?? I'm going to have to but new bulbs here shortly and would like to know the difference between all of them right now I have 250W DE HQI Bulb 15000K 65W Compact Fluorescent Bulb Actinic Blue in my lighting system right now just would like to know if I should change from what I got or keep it the same.


65W Compact Fluorescent Bulb


Daylight 6700K


Daylight 12000K




Act. Blue


250W Double Ended Metal Halide Bulb

10000K, 15000K and 20000K

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The 6700 will be really yellow. Will probably grow softies pretty well but may also be just right for the algae to grow too.

12000 will be a bit more blue but still a bit yellow also. I have two of them over my tank that the LPS and Softies seem to really like. I hate the color myself but the corals seem to like it.

Not sure on the plant/daylight. I would assume it's around 6500k and may have a yellow/red color added to help with plant growth.

Act./Blue will probably be around 460nm. (400nm is ultraviolet so the 420nm actinics are a violet color rather than blue)


On the MH bulbs, 10K will be yellow but will be good for coral growth. Corals should grow pretty good however they will probably look a bit dull. 15K will provide a nice blue color in the tank. Flourescents will pop out a bit. Coral growth will be okay but not as good as the 10k. Colors will be better though. 20K will be a really blue/violet color. Coral growth will be slower but colors will be bright and flourescents will really pop out.


My preference on the MH is around 14K/15K

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