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Misc Crap PART II......


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Ok I have found a few more things I do not need...PRICES LOWERED>>>I WANT ALL OF THIS STUFF GONE OR PENDING THIS WEEKEND

Items 1 and 2 sold, still have 3 and 4.


1. First up is a 4' 4 bulb compact fluorescent fixture. Actinic bulbs probably have some life left on them, white bulbs are old, but still work fine. There is a crack on the plastic piece on the end (see pic). -$50 NOW $40 SOLD TO GARRETT


2. Second, I found a 2 bulb 4' VHO fixture. One bulb did not light, the bulbs are old. $15 NOW $7SOLD TO GARRETT


3. Next I have a fiberglass tank-type thing. I bought it from Ryan a while back, never ended up using it. It has a clear front, bulkhead in the back and it measures (from the top) 23.5"x23.5"x12.5"tall. -$10 NOW $5


4. And last but not least I have a Marineland C-220 canister filter - $40 NOW $30



Same as my other one, if you feel a price is too high, let me know. Also may trade for certain corals. Mainly just want to get this stuff out of the garage!



Pictures in order, items pictured here are #1 and #2 (both sold)






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