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New critters in + RODS FOOD!

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Rods food will be in today!!!




-Coral Blend

-Pacific Plankton

-Fish Eggs




On top of Rods, I just got a bunch of new critters in. There are some nice fish, tons of inverts, and of course a decent selection of corals. I should be around all weekend, so hit me up if you would like ot swing by and check some stuff out. I am also running a nice little sale starting today and ending Friday the 24th!



10% off on all invertibrates, including corals!!! This is on top of the already great prices!!!



Spend $100 and get a FREE 4oz package of PE Mysis shrimp or a FREE $8 credit towards another item of your choice!




Hermits- Dwarf Blue Leg

Hermits- Red Leg

Hermits- Scarlet

Hermits- Blue Eyed Zebra

Feather Duster- Carribean

Feather Dusters- Giant

Feather Dusters- Cocoworm, Colored

Star- Sand Sifting

Star- Brittle, banded

Star- Serpent, banded

Star- Chocolate Chip(not reef safe)

Star- Linckia, Dalmation, Red

Star- Linckia, Blue

Star- Linckia, Mexican Red Stripe

Star- Linckia, Orange

Cucumber- Tiger Tail Sand Sifting

Cucumber- Pink and Black Cuke

Cucumber- Pink and Yellow Filter Feeding

Anemone- Sebae Blue Tip, XL

Anemone- Yellow Sand

Anemone- Tube, Orange/Pink w/Green Mouth

Anemone- Tube, Orange/Pink w/Black Mouth

Anemone- Tube, Green

Anemone- Tube, Dark Purple

Shrimp- Coral Banded M

Shrimp- Coral Banded, Gold

Shrimp- Peppermint

Shrimp- Cleaner, Skunk M

Shrimp- Cleaner, Skunk LG

Shrimp- Fire

Shrimp- Pistol, Tiger

Crab- Red Mithrix

Crab- Emerald

Crab- Sally Light Foot

Crab- Decorator, Spider

Crab- Arrow

Snails- Astrea

Snails- Nerite

Snails- Margarita Turbos

Snails- Mexican Turbos

Snails- Zebra Turbos

Snails- Jumbo Cerith

Snails- Nassarius Obsellita

Snails- Nassarius, Tongan Large

Snails- Trochus, White Banded

Snails- Trochus, Tiger/Red Stripe

Snails- Bumble Bee

Snails- Tequila, Mexican

Conch- Tiger Sand

Urchin- Long Spine

Urchin- Short Spine

Urchin- Tuxedo, White

Cowry- Money

Clam- Crocea, 3"





Chromis- Green

Damsel- Blue Devil

Damsel- Blue Fin

Damsel- Yellow Fin

Damsel- Yellow Tail Blue

Damsel- Yellow Belly Blue

Clown- Pink Skunk, T.R.

Cardinal- Bangaii

Cardinal- Pajama

Goby- Engineer, XS

Goby- Firefish, Red

Goby- Firefish, Purple

Goby- Signal, Twin Spot

Goby- Yellow Watchman

Goby- Orange Spotted Sleeper

Goby- Orange Marked Sleeper

Dragonet- Scooter

Dragonet- Mandarin,Target/yellow

Dragonet- Mandarin, Psychadelic

Blenny- Lawnmower, Algae

Blenny- Bicolor Male

Blenny- Tailspot

Rabbitfish- Scribbled

Rabbitfish- Maginificant Foxface, M

Rabbitfish- Foxface, SM

Rabbitfish- Foxface, XXL

Tang- Yellow M

Tang- Sailfin ML

Tang- Nubilus

Tang- Blonde Naso, ML

Tang- Vlamingi, S

Tang- Naso, SM

Tang- Mata

Angel, Coral Beauty

Trigger, Niger S

Trigger, Niger SM

Filefish- Aiptasia Eating

Wrasse- Fairy, Purple Velvet

Wrasse- Flasher, Carpenter

Wrasse- Flasher, Filamentous

Wrasse- Melanarus, Male

Wrasse- Starry Eye Possum

Wrasse- Fairy, Tricolo/Lubbocki

Wrasse- Cleaner

Eel- Snowflake Moray

Seahorse- Keloggi, T.R.

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