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Sicce Pump problems


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My Sicce pump that powers my huge skimmer is not working consistantly, quits working when ever it wants. PISSING me off!!(flame)


So I think I am going to replace it. I have had nothing but problems with this pump since I got it.


My questions.... Can I get one locally? And now they have all these different types of wheels can buy when you get a new pump online...

which would be best? Red devil wheel, large or small? or the purple needle wheel like I currently have?


Thank for any advice!


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You can't swing a clump of calurpera without hitting 3 from your place. Nick should be able to match or beat the online price with shipping. Woody may have one and Seahorse or nanoreef should be able to get one for you too. Give them a shot before you pull the ebay trigger!

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