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72g Bowfront


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I need to sell my tank(sad)


72g Oceanic Bowfront with built-it overflow and durso stand pipe and ajustable return outlet



20g Oceanic sump/ref with sock and two 26w CFL bulbs

Contains: live rock/sand, feather dusters, amph's, Feather Culpera and, Cheeto



CPR HOB Skimmer w/ Maxijet 1200 pump on the sump



Rio 2100 return pump and Rio 2300? pump behind rocks in DT


2 power heads not sure of brands but one goes back and forth and has rotating wave maker and the other just has rotating wave maker



Workhorse 7 ballast with two 48" VHO super actinic (white) is 2 months new and the other (03 actinic) needs replaced



18w UV sterilizer Tetra pond brand rated for 5500g pond



150w heater


Bowfront stand with wheels for easy cleaning and spill wipe up




black plastic hood (I hate the hood)


older single stage ro/di with 6mo old filter and resin


aprx 125lbs +/- 10lbs Live Rock


40-50lbs Live Sand


8 Zoa Colonies (dont know names)



red, green, purple and hairy Mushrooms



green/pink Frogspawn



Pulsing xenia


2x 5 head blue/teal Candy Canes



Colt and Kenya corals


tons of Polyps


huge pink with green/yellow tip Torch Coral



Devils Hand coral


Green Star polyps and White Star Polyps



Brain Coral thats not surviving our recent move


Huge Feather Duster and a couple smaller feather duster like worms I havent seen elsewhere



Hermits: lrg Zebra, 12/6 small red leg/blue leg, unknown other looks like a Holloween


Snails: turbos, bumblebees, margerett?, naserine? about 5-6 types all together I just dont know the names of them all and there are many of them


3" Black Limpit great algae grazer and lots of tiny keyholes


Schayer's Brittle Star about the size of a dinner plate


Sea Urchin (again not sure of type)


Cleaner Shrimp there were 2 I havent seen 1 of them in a while


Emerald crab


Lrg Coral Beauty



mated pair of false percs



Tomato Clown (he/she is very orange)



yellow tail blue damsel


Asking $850 O.B.O(drooler)

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