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Anyone used the RSS feeds on an Apex Controller?


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So I have a Neptune Systems Apex controller. For the most part, it rocks and I love it. My biggest issue however, is the fact you can only view the data by logging in. There appears to be an "XML" section, but it appears pre-formatted and I cannot for the life of me figure out how the RSS feed is supposed to work...

Theres nothing in the manual about using it as far as I can tell.


I don't mind logging into the controller to see what my current tank state is, but it would be much nicer if there was a "view-only" guest account or something.


I haven't contacted Neptune yet...figured I'd ask in here first. If no one knows, I'll get in touch with them.



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You need to parse that xml into a formatted page.

Or you can use a rss plugin for some content management software, like wordpress.

Problem is that Rss does not require authentication, while the apex does.

You can try to avoid it with an auth string like: http://username:password@myapex.domainname.net


Yeah, that's what I was figuring. The whole username/password thing in the URL kind of defeats the purpose of a "guest" account since I'd imagine someone with a small amount of smarts could just use that to log into my apex directly. Don't really want to take the chance of someone being all "Hrm..I wonder what this does" and turning off my pumps ;)


Seems silly that theres no view-only account.

Guess I'll talk to Neptune shortly.


Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

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