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Have a few things left.

fish monger

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Got some corals and a few fish left.


GSP (2 colonies) $10.00 each----

Neon green star polyp rock (baseball size) $15.00---

ZOA colony (20 heads) Neon green eyes burgandy to brownish skirts, dime size----

Red rhodactis $20.00-----

Green rhodactis $10.00 for 2------

Colt coral $free-----

30 pounds of live sand $15.00--



Egg laying mated pair tomato clowns $55.00----

Blue devil damsel $10.00----(good fish for in any tank) Only agressive to hands.



PFO 400 watt metal halide ballast (single) $100.00---

PFO 95 watt vho ballast (single) $50.00----

Hydor ph #3 $20.00---

Hydor ph #4 $25.00---

RIO 2400 return pump $20.00---

Skimmer rated for 200 gallons with dual skimming pumps $100.00---

(collection cup is cracked / repaired with silicone, works just fine) No brand name!



29 gallon setup with loop filter, maxijet 1200 ph, heater, simple flourecent fixture, and matching gloss black finish stand. $100.00

Rena xp4 canister filter. (needs spraybar, it has one made out of pvc on it now) $50.00


Give me a call. Mike 360-241-8941

Here is a link with pics. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/for/1836258439.html



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