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New to me VW rabbit


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I had several ( 6 or 7 ) rabbits when I was younger and have alweays wanted another, my GF had one, it was the first car she bought for herself, hers was brown and convertable. I had been looking for a cheep car to work on and well I found one on CL a 1983 VW Rabbit cabby for $150.00. Wasn't thinking I was going to get much for $150 but went and looked anyway and well all I can say is what a find! It needs a new top, new carpet, the turn signals dont work and the breaks need some attention but we drove it home and put new plugs and wires on it and it runs great. If anyone knows of a good place to get parts for older VW's it will come in handy!





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I have also had a ton of VW's including cabby's. The first time I bought one was with the top down. Never riding in one prior I had no idea my head would hit the top with the roof up! After pulling the seats and chopping those 3 legs, it made a huge difference! Pick up a copy of Hot VW mag and VW trends,you should find some sources for parts there.

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Well after a day of cleaning, the car is looking pritty darn great. The tags are expired since 07, so we took it through DEQ thinking I would at least get an idea of how bad it was and the work ahead but to my suprise it passed with flying collors! Everything was WELL within the limits. Got two new bulbs and now the turn signals work. I went to Borders today and looked through the VW mags but didnt find anything about Rabbits or water cooled in general. I have called some of the wrecking yards to and nothing. I remember when I was younger every U-pull it had at least 3 Rabbits. I guess I'll just halfto buy another one or two for parts :)

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