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FS: 25w smartuvlite, rena xp3 canister, & freshwater fish. Beaverton,Or PU.


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25w emperor aqutics smartuvlite $100

2 rena xp3 canister filters $80 or $50 each


Freshwater items

showpiece driftwood about 1.5 ft by 8 in stands lengthwise and has a big circle for fish to swim thru $40

14 in 3bar gold tiger datnoid $300

10-12 hi fin flagtail(rare) $100

6 in electric blue jack dempsey $40

2 4 inch rotkeil severums and 2 notatus(rare) $30 or $10 each

also have boxes of misc stuff for you to pick thru free with purchase.

Only trades I need is a sump or freshwater stingray. All price negotiable need out just moved. Email davidkim503@yahoo.com for pics. No Internet access but I can send pic with my phone thru email or text.

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Whatever fits thru an oceanic 175 bowfront stand from the front. And can handle 900-1200 gph.


xps sold

severums sold

dat n flagtail pending pick up


the flow is really irrelevant. i push 1200gph through a 5 gallon sump on my 55g. what would be more of an issue is that you have a 175g tank so when the flow stops and your water level drops down to the lowest point, how much capacity will the sump need to hold. i would say for a tank that size your going to need a 20-30 gallon sump unless you have your water level dialed in really well. i don't think i have any sumps that would fit your needs though. I know they would fit in the stand for sure. i would just be worried that there wouldn't be enough capacity. I believe mine are in the 15-20gallon range.

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