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New Tank Thread coming soon......


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So Reefit has been helping me a lot today and as well as again tomorrow and I will be posting my new setup starting tomorrow. I'm taking my tank currently down and switching to a 75 gallon glass tank.


Thanks also to Impur for swaping some stuff for me to get a good skimmer. Too bad things didn't work out for us to meet today.


Looking forward to seeing it myself so pictures will be up tomorrow on the progress.


I'm going to have a real sump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok I know that doesn't sound like too much need for excitement but if you've seen how I have my tank currently you will understand.


I will probably have some left over live rock and a few other things so look for some stuff for sale from me soon as well.

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yeah same size tank. I didn't want to drill my tank and I wanted to have a shorter tank. my acrylic was way too tall for me to do anything in. Just my opinion of course. My acrylic tank will be for sale in the next week or so..plus the stand it is currently on wouldn't be enough room for a proper sump plus keep all of my ballasts etc...

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