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Cleaning out the old tank equipment...

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I have several usec PC lights. Most are about 6 months to one year old and in good shape. I have two dual bulb 36" units...$60 each or $100 for both. I have a single bulb 36" unit $40. I have a 48" four bulb unit as well...$120. All prices are obo.


I also have several other items I am looking to get rid of from pumps (new and used) to tanks (used).


I have a 110 gallon custom glass setup for sale. $750 obo. It is 96 long, 13 deep and 22 tall. It is 1/2 " glass on all sides and 3/4" glass on the bottom. It is on a custom oak stand with matching canopy. I have a dual 250 watt Halide ballast and cheap reflectors that go with it. I also have a workhorse ballast and end caps for T-12 actinics and two new bulbs. Has a 40 gallon glass sump. Has a skimmer rated for 200 gallons. I have all new hinges for teh entire setup. Stand has moveable shelves in both ends. Very cool tank for someone with a long space but not a lot of depth from the wall or for someone with an apartment. Where the 1000 lbs of water and contents will be spread out over a longer portion of wall than a standard 110.


I also have a 200 gallon acrylic tank made of 1/2" material with a blue overflow box and blue back. Tank is on an oak stand with matching canopy. Has two dual 175 watt halide ballasts and all the reflectors and lights. Has a skimmer (homemade but good quality and very large), UV sterilizer (it's either 25 or 27 watts...I can't remember at the moment), cooling fans in hood, substrate, two power heads, and more. Asking $1250 obo.


I have a lot of other stuff too...I need to thin out the collection. I have a big box of new bulkheads. I think they are all 1". I have Venturi's for making your own skimmer. I have new nets. I have Reef Chemicals. Help me clean my garage out.


I have a couple new buckets of Kent Salt...like I said...it keeps going on and on.


If you want pics of the tank/s or have any questions, please email me at my email address...I don't check this often. My email is aquariansaltwaterllc at yahoo dot com.


This is not a commercial listing. I have no store. This is all my personal crap for sale.

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