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Bi-color Anthias and Long Tentacle Anenome


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So last night I was looking at my tank and I found that my two clowns and nem were hanging out like usual but there was another fish down there as well..


I found one of my Bi-color Anthias hanging out with them as well. It wasn't swiming in and out of the nem but it was touching it. I thought that most other fish got stung by nems so they stayed away? Should I be looking for any marks on the Anthias or is this something I need to worry about at all? If I can get a picture tonight I will but I think I was more amazed to see something other than a clown hanging around the nem.

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i wouldn't worry about it, my yellow tang hangs out with my clowns all the time. the anemone is new and is probably still adjusting so its tentacles are probably not as sticky or it may be subsiding because the clowns are in it as well. who knows. fish do things that make them feel secure and protected

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