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ever have one of those nights?


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So last night I was all alone for the night and wanted to stay up past my usual bed time so I made myself a couple cups of coffee. Well I stayed up till about 2:30 and wasn't tired but thought I should go lay down. I laid in bed for a while and realized that I wasn't going to sleep so I got my book out and started reading. I started getting drowsy so I turned the light off at about 3:45, and just as I was getting into the groove of falling asleep, the cat jumps off the bed and puked all the way down the hall. I think what she had eaten for the last 2 days came out! So I cleaned it up and by that time it was almost 5, GF will be home from work in less than 2 hours. I lay there for a while and slowly start falling asleep again, till a frog, that I didn't know we had, started calling his hunny to him. At that point I realize that the sun is coming up, and less than an hour till GF walks in the door. Believe me I tried to get some sleep but she came home and well I just wasn't going to get any sleep, her head hits the pillow and she's a lumberjack. I got up and well made a pot of coffee. It was a long night, and ya know how when ya want to sleep so bad and thats when your mind gets going on ideas, that was my night but now that I'm out of bed the whole thinking has stopped and I ran so much through my head that I cant remember all the good ideas!

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