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Have tons of shrooms lots of nice odd colors-----$5/each or 2 for $8

Ricordias-----few colors already fragged and attached to sand or rock---$10/mouth most are large polyps with 1 mouth

2 Green St. Thomas Shrooms---$20/each

Few colors of zoos----$10-25/frag at leased 6 polyps per frag


I can also frag anything in my tank....... Choose your own size

Purple Monti nice bright color, Very Healthy Purple Gorgonian-Very Bushy type






All must be sold by Saturday or they are all going to the LFS



O and if you buy 10 frags you get 1 FREE of my choosing with your imput!

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Sorry not posting Pics not worth the time and hassel of doin it to have nobody interested since most are out of town. If you want to give me a call and setup a time to come by to take a look great. If not I am taking all frags to LFS at 11 or noon tomorrow.




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