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New Cleaner Angel


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OK, is this a new phenomena, or is it common for an Angelfish to start becoming a cleaner fish?

I adopted some fish and have them in a QT awaiting my display to be fish safe again. I thought something was really wrong with my blue tang because he kept laying down in a funky fashion today. He did get ich after QT; didn't realize until after putting them into the QT, the previous owners salinity was higher than my hydrometer will read and surely stressed him out. The ich's been gone, some skin issues, but with dips and such he seems to be doing good. After peeking though the door, I finally noticed he was laying down when my angelfish came by. Watched again later and he was picking at the Tang! Thought it was just a fluke, but kept watch throughout the evening and he keeps going back for more!







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I know juvenile queen angels are cleaners when small. That is probably exactly what the dwarf angel is doing. Pretty cool. When I had a blue tang he wouldnt let any of the cleaners near him. He was such a ich magnet, always had it. I finally gave him to someone. Would of kept him if he let the shrimp or cleaner wrasse clean him

Those two fish are going to add some nice color to your tank.



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