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peace and goodwill to old brownies!! my school thanks him!!


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He special thanks to old brownies. He fedexed a nice pc ballast for my tidepool setup this week. It came today and works great. Now my tide pool has most of what it needs for lighting. I picked up a monster 45 gallon sump and a pm bullet 2 skimmer to filter in Eugene. Envision acrylics is working on the display tank. And Steve Weast even offered to donate organisms from one of his trips to Puget Sound. My woodshop buddy Gary Raze, a former teacher at Madison, is going to help me build the stand. Should be an incredible system once it is all put together.


I think this "board" is doing a pretty tremendous job helping my school and m learn more about the ocean and it's ecosystems. I believe you ARE fullfilling that goal. KUDOS TO YOU ALL

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Well, I don't have pics yet. I do have a schematic of my plan though. It is still being changed and added to but this will give you an idea of the basic system.


I still have not acquired a chiller but feel I need to get a 1/2 hp chiller to get temps below 59-58 degrees F. My school's ambient temp is 68 degrees F. So, 175 gallons plus pumps and powerheads should mean a pulldown of at least 10 degrees. A 1/4 or 1/3hp chiller could do the job but would be pretty noisy = major distraction. Not that a starfish isn't distracting, but hey... it is a good distraction.


Here is the schematic:


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