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Stand, Hood, Tank FS


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Ok I'm selling my 150 RR tank, with cabinet grade stand and hood. NO equipment. It is a Cordova color, not cherry, not red, clear coated, very nice, and expensive, the tank, as you can see is still full. I'm in the process of breaking it down, but it will take at least 2 weeks. I am replacing it with a 210 that is currently sitting on a pallett in the garage. My son in law thinks I'm crazy to be doing this, as the tank is growing very well. That's the problem, not enought room for me!!!I know there wil be some loss, and that is why it wil take a couple of weeks, or so if nessesary to take apart. the tank is 6 ft. wide 18 in. f to b, and 29in high. new was over 1

$1,700.00- I'm selling for $1,200.00- This is pickup only, or help deliver in Salem Keizer area




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Not yet, It's a really nice setup and I wasn't interested in opening my home up to total strangers. Thought I would put it here, and it won't be ready for a couple of weeks. If nothing happens when I break it down, I'll try it there. Really, I want to keep it, but the deal with the wife was to sell it. This isn't some cheepo pine setup.It's not even a year old!!!!

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