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copper AGAIN


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first i want to say that i am sorry for starting another about this. i just wanted to make sure that everybody read this thread because there has been a new twist added to my problem.


well as most remember, i some how got a tiny bit of copper in my tank. i had to told my best bet is to brteak down my tank and replace all my sand and live rock. well i decided i would do just that.


so today i started my long and expensive project. so i set up a 30 gallon tank for my live stock. when i set it up, i used my main tank water, sand , and live rock because my live stock would be used to this water. so after i got my 30 gallon up and running with the water, sand and live rock, i added my livestock. they are doing awesome. after i got that going, i ran by the lfs to say hi. before i left, i was thinking i should get a snail for giggles to see if it would survive in the 30 gallon. for those who have not ready my previous post, i could not keep snails alive. so i got home and added the snail. and you guessed it. its doing great and has been in there for 4 hours. before they would not last and hour in my main tank. but the kicker is, again, i used all my main tank stuff. nothing different.


i am so confused now. man, what am i going to do...

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To ad to the mysterious copper: I was thumbing through a saltwater book from the library today, and they mention some water bureaus adding copper to their water in the summertime to keep down algae.:eek: If any do, guess it's one more reason to go ro/di...hopefully that small % that's not removed with ro/di units isn't copper!

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