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Dean's 40g TruVu Aquasystems Reef Build

Northwest Inverts

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- 40 Gallon TruVu Aquasystems Acrylic Tank (36x15x16)


I plan for this to be mostly for soft corals, zooa's, and the like, a few fish, shrimp, CUC, etc.


So Far I have the following:


- HQI Fixture 250w MH w/ Blue Lunar Moon Lights

- Koralia 2 Power Head

- Rear Sump Return Pump

- ViaAqua Multi Reactor (for AC, Phosban, Etc) Tied into Return Pump w/ Ball Valve

- 43 Lbs of Live Rock

- 20 Lbs of Sand (Shallow Sand Bed)

- 6 Stage RO/DI System


(Tank as it was before scratch treatment)



(Rear overflow/sump chamber setup)



(Tank after scratch treatment filled and running)



No live animals in tank yet, just 9 days into the cycle started with ammonium chloride. Plan on taking it slow and not rushing into adding animals too fast. I do plan on adding a protein skimmer but I am still deciding on which one. I have limited options given the size of my rear sump chambers. I want to get the best one that I can possibly afford but making sure it fits also. I will post more photos as I go.



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