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80+lbs. of Live Rock For Sale

Guest linfield89

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Guest linfield89

I have a 55gal setup for sale, it is the same set up listed earlier on the forum. I am now willing to piece out everything. There is approx. 80lbs or more of really nice live rock, very purple. I would like someone to take the 4 fish I have in there right now. They are:


1 Blue Regal Tang

1 Pajama Cardinal

1 White Goby

1 Algae Blennie


-Sand is well established as well, tank has been running for 4 1/2 years. The hood was purchased at Upscales in Tualatin, and has VHO lighting set up in it. We had MH's in but removed them so they are there and ready.


I am asking 4.00/lb for the live rock. As far as the fish go, if your interested let me know and we can work something out.




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