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Water Buckets


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Ok, so who wants to help a brother out. I'm picking up between 60 and 70 gallons of water either Friday or Sunday, and am goin to need some more buckets. Anyone got anything I can use to transport my water from RoseCity to my place? I can get it back to you either that day or within a couple of days.







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thanks man' date=' would you mind pm'n me your addy? we can pick em up, if it works for you, on our way to Nick's friday LOL[/quote']


Sent. You setting up a new tank?


I used to lug the water jugs around, but forked out the $ for an RODI unit. Changed my life (laugh) Buying water was a great excuse to go the LFS every week though!

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Yeah, setting up my Visio 40b, finally lol, ive got all my rock cycling in my 20 long, it crashed a while back, friggin caulerpa, and now I'm finally getting around to finishing up the 40b, gotta get eggcrate, pvc, glue, silicone, bulkheads, and water either Friday or Sunday, depends on how the gf feels, and will have water in it cycling by the first of the week lol. oh an gotta get sand too, cant forget that part LOL.

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