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Grrr Garrett


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Lol, just kidding. I noticed that angry threads get more views!


Yet another awesome Garrett experience! Great critters, great prices, and as always great conversation and info. I can't say enough good stuff about this guy. I love that I can throw out a price and Garrett will build me a diverse CUC within my budget, it's like personal shopping for my reef. Thanks so much Garrett! I especially love my new conch....I have named him Sven. Hehe

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Thejenchild, I feel your frustrations. I too have similar experiences with Garrett. I have to drive all the way up there from Eugene AGAIN in less than a week today and will most likely spend all of my hard earned cash! I used to think he kept the garage door closed to keep the heat in,but I think its like the Vegas casino...bright colors, pumping some kind of toxin in the air to get you to release your wallet, no clock on the wall....its AMAZING!! Mabey he's looking for a house closer to us? Hint hint G

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