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Plumbing question


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Hey guys, I've got a bulkhead question for you.


The holes drilled in the back of my tank are roughly 1 5/8" diameter, what size bulkheads and piping would I need? Also, what kinda ball valves do I need to pick up?




1" bulk heads require a 1.65" hole. 1 5/8" = 1.625", are you sure your measurements aren't slightly off?

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You're exactly right ryan' date=' that's what I'm wantin to do with a valve, so I can shut off the water from the pump durin water changes[/quote']


If you are not using it to precisely control flow, and are just using the valve to shut your return down you should just pick up a ball valve from Home Depot or Lowes.


If you need to precisely control the flow of your return (such as the herbie return) then you would need a gate valve, which you can get online or from Harrisons Plastics.

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