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I have been a member here for a few months probably... but have been a lurker. I currently have a 29 gallon Biocube and am hooked!

I should have read/researched more before starting and gone with something a little larger for the first tank.

I think I read something about dilution being the solution to pollution?... something like that.... well I am ready for some big time dilution! My wife and I really like to Marinland Deep Dimension tanks and are very close to pulling the trigger on the 200 gallon model.

Anyone else here have these tanks? Suggestions? Recommendations?




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downhill_biker (Curtis) has that same tank you should shoot him a pm for suggestions and what he found difficult about the tank


Those are awesome tanks, i love the dimensions. All that room to aquascape.


Just take things slow and you'll be fine. You are right on the solution dilution pollution thing - bad things happen faster in a smaller volume of water.

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i have this tank, as does randys, and downhill biker. you could go 2x400's, plus some t-5 and keep anything you want to. or at least 12 t-5's maybe up to 16 if its a custom canopy or fixtures. also be prepared to modify your overflows by trimming out the grates so you can increase the flow to a good level for the reef. i wish i had got the 250 because even though the 3ft depth is sick the 4 ft length still seems short to me. the 5 ft woulda been nicer, 12 extra inches doesnt look so bad now that this is in place. hahaha, however if i had the 250 i would probably say i wish i had the 6 footer. i love my tank and would do it again. i really like the starphire glass, but be warned you will need at least 3-4 dudes to carry this!

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