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Rules and Guidelines for SPS GOC

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Simple rules to follow:

1. Must do a quick writeup of their system on the competition thread in the beginning. eg. size, flow, light, placement of the competition piece, coral food, fish, etc to accompany your initial photo update.

2. You will be required to post photo updates. A thread will be started everytime photo updates are required (about once a month) where you will post your updates. Sufficient time will be allowed for those on vacation or whatever. Dates for required updates will be posted in the first post of the Photo Updates thread for the competition. Updates can be submitted in the week previous to the posted dates

3. Must have access to a camera to show proof of their coral in 3 months and on updates.

4. No cheating. Cheaters will be banned from current and future competitions!!!

5. If there was a tie, you guys can split the prize. See guidelines for more information.

6. Pieces for Grow Out Competition MUST remain the official GOC plugs they are sent on. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from competition.


Not following the rules can cause you to be disqualified and sorry no money back.



1. Pieces used for grow out. As mentioned above there would be an issue with acclimation. Colonies will be purchased or donated from a store. No matter whether or not you already have some of what we are starting with you should have to use some from the same colony as everyone else involved. Pieces used for the Grow Out Competition MUST remain on the official plug it is sent on for the duration of the competition unless otherwise stated. Plugs are used to judge growth. You may modify the plug to suit your needs as far as removing bottom stem.


sample of official Grow Out Competition plug's



2. Delivery of frag pieces. Contest frags will be ship the day before so everyone gets their pieces on the same day. All remaining pieces of the colony would be sold, given away to GOC contestants only, offered as an addition to say the 3rd place prize, or donated to Tanks for Teachers or the club for upcomming events. If sold the proceeds would be applied to prize pieces, colonies, and shipping, which will be addressed later.


3. Timespan of competition. The competition will run for 6 months. This will give EVERYONE the same advantage\disadvantage with acclimation and so on. Pictures will be required frequently for updates. Cheaters will be banned from current and future competitions, posting frequent pic's should discourage any cheating as all will be able to see and speak up if need be.


4. Shipping. If we have long distance competitors we could ship to a agreed upon individual and all those local to them can pick up from there.


5. Entry Fee. Entry fee will be $20 and may vary to non PNWMAS members. As stated before, the entry fee will pay for colonies, prize pieces, and shipping as required. Any left over entry money and money from the sale of polyps not used in competition, to go right back into the next competitions pieces and colonies as this will only improve the quality and caliber of these pieces and the competition itself. A list of all involved will be posted on the thread for the grow out when it starts so all know who is involved and can get an idea of the money brought in so all is content with that as well. Honesty is going to be key all the way around in this competition. Entry is limited to 2 per household.


6. Picking grow out colonies. The competition is hoping to cover all kinds of corals ranging from softies, LPS, SPS, and so on. Corals used may sometimes be put up for a vote to give the contestants a voice in the upcomming competition.


7. Sponsor interaction with the competition. If sponsors involved in the competition want to also participate with thier personal\home tanks that, that should be accepted. As most of you know several sponsors are also owners of personal tanks.


8. Determining winner. Winner should be based off total growth, or percentage of growth. IF THERE IS A TIE, the contestants would split the prize and an extra or 2 may be thrown in. Same with second and third. Should there be a tie between more than 2 contestants, pictures will be posted (without names to prevent favoritism) for a vote, kind of like the pic of the month, based on development, color, and so on. Judging winner will be based off of independent competitions and will be announced on how it will be done. Method of judgement determined off of the type of coral used as not all grow the same.


9. Prizes. Prizes may range from corals not necessarily related to the grow out pieces, could be monti's, chalices, acans, etc. As well as gift certificates, equipment, supplements, fish, inverts, and anything else reef related.


The goal of this competition covers a couple different paths. First, it will provide a variety of corals to all involved. Second, it will provide information regarding the best system configurations, feeding, what have you, to obtain maximum results in growth for the species used. Third, prizes....duh. Forth, to promote future members for the PNWMAS. Fifth, hopefully generate some more interest in our sponsors.


Overall this competition is all about fun, prizes, and bragging rights of course.:DIf there are modifications to start date a post will be made in this thread and a PM will be sent to contestants.

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