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Damn Hydrometer....


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soooo..... my hydrometer was way off and I let my salinity get way too low. First sign was my linkia losing some legs. All my water parameters tested OK, at least according to my test kits and faulty hydrometer so I figured he was starving (I got a huge snail that leaves my glass spotless. Anyhow I noticed one of my acan's and one of my zoo's starting to melt, so I retested anything and it still seemed fine. At this point I suspected the hydrometer(flame) and dug my refractometer up (hey I just moved and the hydrometer used to be accurateDOH!). 250 PPT .... ouch! Is anyone out on the westside that can stop by or loan me a refractometer to make sure that mine is accurate, I'm a bit paranoid now. I did reaise the salinity and things seem to be looking better, The acan and the linkia are almost certainly toast tho. Still I'd like to be sure that I am on target. I can always just bring mine to you to verify they read the same. I'm should be done w/ school around 3...

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I'll bring mine in tomorrow to compare readings.... unless of course someone on the west-side invites me over. I just don't want to deal with the traffic tonight. The zoo's are doing much better, one of my acan's has fully recovered, the other still looks bad, I may still salvage a couple of heads tho. The linkia sadly did not recover(sad). I know it happens, but I feel kinda bad as it could have been prevented had I unpacked faster. I know starfish are sensitive to changes in salinity ... I should have figures it out faster ... live and learn I guess.

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