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Weedy Sea Dragon - Show Specimen!!! 5-6"


Phyllopteryx taeniolatus 5-6"


This amazing specimen requires little introduction.


You must act fast, EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK!! River Wonders once again reaches out for the most exotic and rarest species throughout the world. The Weedy Sea Dragon, usually kept only by the likes of World Class Public Aquariums is now available to the avid collector for a very limited time.











Yellow Longnose Butterfly Large


Forcipiger longirostris Large


Yellow Long Nosed Butterfly











Yellow Tang


Zebrasoma flavescens


The king, by popularity, of the saltwater fish or reef tank must be the Yellow Tang. Especially our Hawaiian Yellow Tang of the highest quality.


Also known as the yellow surgeonfish, or yellow sailfin tang, we have him available in stock at the lowest prices anywhere. Fully acclimated, healthy, feeding and ready for your tank.












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My homie recommends a 3000g circular tank with at least 5 feet of vertical swim room, I think his is 8 feet. They also require low temperatures close to 63F if I remember correctly, but I could be off on that.


He has trained his to frozen foods. He trains the fry to frozen before selling them as well. Raising the fry is similar to other syngnathids.


I do know people who have kept adults in smaller tanks (1000g range), but not bred them in smaller. Also not everyone keeps them in a circular tank. I have seen a pair of juvies (6" or so) in a 375g at a public aquariums back room.

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